Building capabilities in breadth and depth

Any arts freelancer would be able to share about the many hats they need to wear in order to do a given job well, many of which lie beyond “art-making” – from needing to fund-raise, marketing content, understanding audience insights etc. It is precisely both the art-making alongside the management, production and development functions that are necessary to ensure a thriving arts ecosystem. 

The ARH aims to support capability development opportunities to build the necessary skillsets that enable arts freelancers to sustain their careers and be equipped to tap on new opportunities.


Bridging needs in the arts ecosystem and beyond

The training programmes that can be applied for through the ARH’s digital portal have been specially curated to address skills that would benefit the arts ecosystem, but also the arts freelancer. The current listing on our Courses page is a small selection to start with and will be added to over time to cover a broader range of general skills, life skills and practice-based skills. 

Through taking on such courses, the intent is for arts freelancers to have more flexibility and choice in taking on different projects, across different disciplines, to build greater sustainability into their careers. This is especially the case with changing mediums of communication and digitisation, that bring new possibilities of creation and also audience engagement. 

As a start, the ARH will focus on enabling courses aimed at developing the ‘general’ and ‘life’ skills, to complement any specialised practice-based training opportunities being offered in-house or within the discipline. 


Funding your further training

Arts freelancers can also tap on other forms of support to further offset training costs, most notably to use SkillsFuture Credits for courses listed on SkillsFuture Singapore’s Training Exchange, of which a selection have been curated in our identified list of courses. All Singaporeans above 25 years of age receive an opening credit of $500 from the government that can be applied in part or in full towards their learning.

More details about SkillsFuture Credits and applicable courses can be found on the SkillsFuture website.