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For Your Research Needs!

From the creative art-making process to the development of audience engagement strategies, research is crucial to the arts freelancer in lending both depth and context. We have put together a few useful resources that arts freelancers can tap on, be it data, academic resources, or historical archives. Over time, we hope to populate this list with more resources for your access. All resources listed are available for free, or at minimal cost.


Resources @ The National Arts Council

The National Arts Council continually supports research that can help us as a sector to better articulate the value of the arts, understand issues and practices, and grow audiences.


You can access various NAC resources on our research findings here.

Resources @ National Library Board

Available to all with Basic Membership, which is free for all Singapore citizens. Check your eligibility here. Note that some services require additional administrative fees.


With a Basic Membership, you can access a spread of eResources. Click here for an overview. Some highlights include:

  • eDatabases (Bloom’s, Bloomberg, EBSCO, etc.)
  • eJournals (Factiva, Informit, JSTOR, Wanfang)
  • eNewspapers
Singapore Pages
  • Rare Books & Documents
  • Singapore e-Encyclopedia
  • Singapore History
  • Singapore Music
  • Singapore Publications
  • Singapore & Malaya Newspapers
  • Literary Works
  • Photo & Images

You can access a wide range of resources at the National Library Board’s Lee Kong Chian Reference Library. Click here for an overview of the Collections and Services available. Some highlights:

National Collection
Contains publications on or related to Singapore, in the four official languages and in different formats. In addition, the National Collection also contains original and often unpublished materials, both in physical and digital formats.

  • Manuscripts
  • Typescripts
  • Photographs
  • Maps
  • Registers
  • Records for clans, organisations and groups
  • Documented personal memories

General Reference Collection
Covers fields under the Arts (literary, visual, performing arts), Social Sciences, Humanities, Business, Sciences and Technology.

  • Books
  • Serials: newspapers, newsletters, directories, magazines and journals


Resources @ Law Society Pro Bono Services

​The Pro Bono Services Office is an initiative by the Law Society of Singapore to help bring free legal assistance to t​hose in need in our community. It is part of the Law Society's stated mission to ensure access to justice for all.  

You can access their "Advocates for the Arts" legal handbook here.

Resources @ Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is committed to provide excellent and faster IP registration service that will help your business leverage innovation and IP as a competitive edge, and in turn, enjoy maximum benefit of your Intellectual Property (IP) protection.

Learn more about IP and what it means for your business with this handbook.

Resources @ Centre 42

Available to all.

ResourcesTheatre development space Centre 42, has a range of theatre-related online resources, including a visual and audio archive, articles and reviews. Access them here.