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Further Update on Arts Resource Hub @ 42 Waterloo Street

(published on 6th February 2020, 1700h)

Following Arts Resource Hub’s last announcement on (ARH) @ 42 Waterloo Street (42WS) on 29 Jan, there have been more developments to share.

  • 42WS renovations will take place until the end of 2020/ early 2021.
  • The current spaces (i.e. black box, rehearsal studio, library, meeting room) will be renovated with structural improvements and disability access.
  • After renovations, the theatre intermediary C42 will return to its office in the annexe building. C42 will continue to have access to the spaces for its core work in supporting artists, practitioners and new work creation.
  • Spaces will remain available for all arts freelancers/independent practitioners to use at similar rates.
  • The ARH will continue to work on programmes to support independent practitioners. All practitioners will have access to these spaces, as well as co-working and hot-desking facilities at GAC and SAC for meetings and administrative work.
  • As the ARH maps out the upgrade of 42WS, NAC will also continue to gather feedback together with the C42 team on the improvements to be made to the spaces.


Update on Arts Resource Hub @ 42 Waterloo Street

(published on 29th January 2020, 2015h)

The Arts Resource Hub (ARH) is an initiative by the National Arts Council (NAC) to support freelancers in the arts, who make up almost half of the practitioners in the community. Following the launch of the web portal in September 2019 and a series of talks focusing on self-sustainability since November 2019, NAC also launched two spaces at Goodman Arts Centre (GAC) and Stamford Arts Centre (SAC) at the start of the year.

As part of the freelancer support, the pre-war bungalow at 42 Waterloo Street (42WS) was identified as the main site for the ARH as it is in a central location and will better serve the larger arts community. NAC is committed to an ARH with spaces available for the whole community - for rehearsals, discussions and presentations – and support artists and writers in the performing arts, visual arts and literary arts.

In refurbishing the new ARH at 42WS, NAC has been in conversations with the current tenant Centre 42 (C42) since 2018 to understand their needs as they are invited to return to the ARH as a tenant after the refurbishment. NAC is confident C42 can continue to play its intermediary role in the theatre scene in the 42WS premises after the renovation.  

Background of 42WS and C42

In 2013, to address the needs of the performing arts landscape, NAC identified the necessity to have an incubation space for the development of multilingual works, playwriting and directing talents for Singapore theatre. The space could also be a centre for research, documentation and discourse, enabling theatre practitioners and the larger community to examine how Singapore theatre has evolved historically and will continue to grow.

C42 was established through an open call in July 2013 conducted by NAC. The intent was to establish a centre for the development of text-based works for Singapore theatre, with the aim to nurture and develop our creative talents in producing distinctive content. Over the last six years, NAC has supported the company with both subsidised spaces and organisational funding.

42WS Plans

After the six-month renovation of 42 Waterloo Street, which will incorporate structural improvements and disability access, the new facilities will be more inclusive and benefit a wide group of practitioners. NAC will work with C42 to ensure that they will continue to serve the theatre community in their role as a valued intermediary. NAC has therefore renewed its partnership with C42 for another three years.

While the co-working spaces at GAC and SAC can be used by arts freelancers for their meetings and administrative work, the ARH at 42WS will serve a different function for the wider arts community as a multi-disciplinary space. 90% of this 512 square metre compound will continue to serve the needs of arts practitioners as creation, rehearsal and presentation-related spaces, while the remaining 10% will be shared between the ARH team and C42 as administration space. Parts of the current site will also be enhanced with amenities such as air-conditioning for comfort, and a chair-lift to improve wheelchair accessibility to the space.

We appreciate the feedback from the community about our support for the freelance community and the future of 42WS. We are also heartened to have heard from visual artists and literary writers who are looking forward to the new ARH at 42WS. Together, let us make this space better equipped for the future of Singapore’s arts scene and inclusive for the whole arts sector. 



MOH Advisory on the Novel Coronavirus

We urge members of the public to remain vigilant and to adopt good personal hygiene practices.



ARH@GAC and ARH@SAC are now open!

ARH Spaces now open


We are happy to announce that the co-working spaces for arts freelancers at ARH@SAC (Room #03-03) and ARH@GAC (Blk K, Room #01-45) are now open! They will be available for ARH subscribers for a trial period until Mar 2020 via PIN access. These spaces will provide facilities for arts freelancers to hot-desk, hold meetings, network and share collaboration opportunities with one another. 

Feel free to share this news with your freelance arts stakeholders who may find the facilities useful for their work! Arts freelancers will have to sign up as an ARH subscriber before gaining the free trial usage of the spaces.

Feel free to approach the ARH team if you have any questions on ARH and the co-working spaces!